Recent find

In July 2010, local parishioners clearing the way for new building works to provide disabled access and a kitchen, discovered a five foot (155 cm) galvanised metal tube lying on top of a shelf above a storage area.

After carefully opening the tube a linen parish tithe map was revealed. The map clearly shows the date and bears the following inscription:

“We the undersigned Tithe Commissioners for England and Wales Do hereby certify this to be the Map or plan referred to in the Apportionment of the Rent charge in lieu of Tithes in the Parish of Saint Breward otherwise Simonward in the County of Cornwall.

As witness our hands

Signed            Wm Blamire      W Buller”

The map clearly shows the Church (plot 513) and the field boundaries and other buildings of the parish. Note that the parish was once known as “Simonward”